The Telltale Signs of Bad Web Design

Not all major web design companies are going to deliver on the promise to give you a cutting edge design. Some companies are terrible at what they do, and they continue to thrive because the general public doesn’t know any better. It’s important to note what good design and bad design is by looking at the bad. You could tell what good options are by looking at them, experiencing the relationship you get moving forward, and bad, well bad is more than just an ugly looking site. It’s important to understand the different elements here and something that you should definitely look into a few telltale signs. Whether you’re looking at hiring someone or you just want to know what to look at when hiring someone, consider the following issues you may see when looking online through results for Long Island web design, and beyond.

Web Design
Automatic Audio (Video Too)

There is no excuse for this. Even if you have a radio site, if you are promoting a band, or anything that you are trying to get in front of people. Auto-playing any content is going to be terrible and should not be tolerated on any level. Even though this is spoken many times over in the confines of professional design schools and companies, people still want to have this in place. Playing music for a browser can end up causing issues, even if you’re feeding the content through XML or other means. Letting the user choose whether or not they want to listen to the sound is important, and it’s going to save you a lot of issues. There’s no reason why automatic audio should still be used and yet it pops up all over the place.

No Call To Action

One of the worst things that you will find, even if you’re hiring someone professional is not having a call to action. When looking through the results of Long Island web design, or any type of design heavy search, look for companies that have no call to action. The main goal of a website is not just to provide information, but to convert leads to sales. If you find that you land on a page that doesn’t allow you to gain access to that, you’re going to end up losing out overall. It’s imperative that you have a call to action that is clearly defined, and people landing on your page know what you’re doing and what you are trying to push forward within. If there’s no call to action, the end user may leave your site without doing anything.

Shrinking Images The Hard way

Whether you’re hiring a pro or you are doing things yourself, never shrink images with the html code in place. You’ll find that if you upload a high resolution image and it’s heavy in a jpeg format, you can edit the output to showcase only a small parameter of it. For instance, if you have an image that is 800 x 800 but you want it to show up as 250 x 250, you could easily write in a line of code and see that happen. However, the end user will have to load the 800 x 800 image first, and then see the secondary output. This may seem technical, but it’s something that many companies do for their clients, and it can definitely cause havoc with browsers.
Your browser may take longer to load the page, then load the content, background, links, and more. When that happens, you will take longer to see pages and get information as to what you’re doing overall. At the end of the day, this is not a good thing, and should not be done, even though some will argue that it’s ok. If you are slowing down the browser window of a person because you’re loading a lot of images, you are not doing good by them, and therefore you should walk away from the notion of implementing that strategy.


There was a time where flash heavy websites were huge. Some people still swear by them, and you may run into pages that do not utilize HTML in any form. These pages are cumbersome at times, and can end up loading terribly. If you run into a site that you can’t load because the HTML is terrible, walk away. This includes sites that you may find after looking for Long Island web design. You want to ensure that the web design company you hire has their page with more than just HTML and other elements. Mixed media is the best way to go, and if you don’t see a site or a company that is doing that, they aren’t really doing well overall. Flash heavy sites, outside of gaming, shouldn’t be utilized as much.
After all this is said and done, there’s going to be pundits that will argue with the points. Of course someone is going to try and be an iconoclast online, but you’ll find that it’s best not to go that route. Hire a professional web design firm that is going to help you build the right site for your needs and you’ll gain leverage overall. Take your time, and see how things can end up moving forward with ease.